Essential Somatics for Singers

Dr. Castaldi is a fully certified Essential Somatics® Movement Teacher (a practice based on the teachings of Thomas Hanna and Moshé Feldenkrais). She also has over twenty years of yoga practice experience; including twelve years of teaching yoga classes.

Dr. Castaldi created the course “Essential Somatics® for Singers” and it is the first Essential Somatics® college course in the nation. She is a sought-after movement teacher in Essential Somatics® and gives master classes and individual sessions for singers. She is often a featured workshop presenter for KMEA, NATS and NOA; and regularly gives masterclasses at area schools and colleges.

Her knowledge of body mechanics and brain/body connection aids her students in gaining a very clear, individualized understanding of their own body, their chronic muscle tensions, effects of performance anxiety, and the ability to learn how to sense and make changes that are lasting. Dr. Castaldi is passionate about this work and has witnessed with her students how empowered they feel both in and out of the studio. Her work as a holistic voice teacher and continued somatic research proves the importance of applying somatic education in vocal pedagogy.

Dr. Castaldi is available for presentations, master classes and private sessions.

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